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Welcome! I am currently a college junior. I'm currently working on fics from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Blackadder. I also have some unfinished Stargate and House fics (posted only on FF.net under Tarica), but these are on semi-permanent hiatus due to my own disapointment in he end of the series and my displeasure with the writers, respectively.

Feel free to comment on my fics at anytime, I look forward to comments that will help me improve my writing and will help me correct any canon errors I may make relating to events and timeline. Unfortunately, these do happen, as I am still working my way through DS9.

My favorite thing to do with fanfiction is explore the characters and their reactions to an event more thoroughly than the writers did. Because Julian Bashir is my favorite character, these usually relate to him. I'll also occasionally do a what if scenario, and I am in the process of working (un-officially)on the challenge from 100_chances, for Bashir/Sisko.

With the new reposting settings, I have set some rules for my journal. Please Abide by the following:

Friends Locked Posts:
I use non-de-plume for a reason here, to keep my identity a secret. I ask that you do not post anything written in a f-locked post unless it is a link to an article or similar item that I've posted to facebook or twitter. Please do not repost any pictures that are located in my personal photobucket to facebook or twitter, since I have taken them or created most of them. This includes banners. If you use to wish a banner elsewhere, I ask that you save it to your computer, and then upload to your own photo account and credit me in the title.

I ask that you do not quote or link my stories on Facebook. I reserve the right to check that your Facebook is completely locked down to friends only. You may link or quote on Twitter, but only because my twitter is linkable to LJ via name anyway. I just ask that you credit me.

Big Bang Land:

For all my fellow fans of Big Bang Theory, it is once again time to start a new round over at bigbang_land. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a competition community in which teams fight for universal bragging rights in a number of challenges. These range from icon making, to fic writing, to puzzles and Bingo. The first challenge has already gone down, but there are sure to be lots more showdowns in the future.

So come on down to bigbang_land and apply for round 6 here: http://community.livejournal.com/bigbang_land/59731.html. Tell them taricalmcacil sent you, and get ready for 3 months of fun!