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taricalmcacil [userpic]

Master Fic List

June 10th, 2024 (02:20 pm)

The following List Contains links for each story/chapter I've posted. It includes links for stories posted only to Live Journal and only FF.net. Stories are listed alphabetically by fandom. Crossovers are listed under the heading of that name, with fandoms involved listed in the description. Ratings are given according to the Fan Rating System.

Big Bang Theory, The
To Science - FRC. Penny and Sheldon hang out for a while and find something to celebrate.

Blackadder Goes Forth
Aftermath (Chapter 1) - FRM. Picking up where the final episode left off, this is The Battle of Passchendaele and it's effects on our heroes.

Criminal Minds
The Elevator - FRC. Derek Morgan used to like elevators.
Repeat to the Bullet - FRC. It's hard to let things go if your life has been in the hands of another. ff.net

The Exchange Student - DragonBall Z/X-Men: Evolution. FRT. Gohan thinks he's just being sent to America to get an education. He doesn't expect to run into a new set of adventures while he's there.
Octal Organization, The - Stargate SG-1/The Big Bang Theory. FRC. A visit from Drs. Carter and McKay leaves Sheldon in a state of shock, and his friends determined to figure out why they were there. ff.net
Shadows of the Gods, The (Chapter 1) - Stargate SG-1/Yu-Gi-Oh!. FRT-V. After the ceremonial duel, Atemu's death isn't quite as he expected, and introduces him to a different set of problems for Earth.
Waiting For Vengeance - The Avengers/The Hunger Games Trilogy. FRC. When Dr. Doom's technology and Loki's magic react badly to each other, the Avengers are sent into the future, leaving Jarvis to watch the world crumble and Panem to rise as he waits for their return.

Misery - FRT-PV. Why did House really stick the knife in the socket? Speculation on how House's past influenced his decision and why he feels he is destined to live a life of pain.
Necessity (Chapter 1) - FRM. An alternate ending to season 4, starting with episode 4x12, Don't Ever Change. ff.net
OneX - FRT. Uses Three Days Grace album One-X to explore the emotions and thoughts of various characters throughout the show.

63 Stories and Doing Fine - FRT. Loki is after the Tesseract, and by extension, Tony.
That Beautiful Smile - FRT. Normally Steve hates Tony's black tie events, but Auto Prom might be worth attending.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Alone Together Sequel - FRC. Julian knows Miles lied about Keiko's visit. ff.net
Comprehension - FRC-FRT. After the mirror universe, Julian and Kira need some time to readjust. ff.net
Doctor's Holiday - FRC (one curse word). A plot by Colonel Kira gets Julian off the station for a much needed vacation to see the O'Briens. Takes place approximately 1 1/2 years after WYLB.
Involutions (Chapter 1) - FRT. On a trip to the Gamma Quadrant, Julian and Keiko's runabout crash lands in the middle of nowhere, and due to Julian's injuries, Keiko discovers some things about the dear doctor that she never would have imagined.
It's Best To Be Alone Together - FRC. Julian is always alone on Valentine's Day. Keiko and Miles won't let it happen again. ff.net
Realization (Chapter 1) - FRC-FRT. After escaping 371, Julian is quick to discover that being physically free doesn't mean one is also mentally free. Nerys comes to the rescue.
Recrudescence (Chapter 1) - FRT-V. Those on the station deal with the emotional and physical fallout of Julian's enhancements.
Recrudescence (Chapter 2)
Recrudescence (Chapter 3)
Recrudescence (Chapter 4)
Understanding - FRC. After the mirror universe.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: 100 Chances (Unofficial)
1. At Twilight
2. In Dreary Times
3. Before Then, But After That
4. The Golden Year
5. In The Beginning
64. Green

Stargate SG-1
Mistakes - FRT. SG1 gets into trouble off world and it's up to them to fix the problems that caused the mistakes in the first place.

X-Men First Class
To Tutoyer is My Friend - FRC. Erik missed this. He just didn't realize how much. AO3